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Ausgewählte Inhaltsstoffe
"Velvety soft feet in 2 hours" Susanne S., 53 years
Ausgewählte Inhaltsstoffe Ausgewählte Inhaltsstoffe

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How it works

Hornhaut Socke am Fuß Put masks over your feet and let the masks work for 2 hours
Fußmaske entfernen und Füße waschen Remove masks and thoroughly wash your feet with water
Die Fuß Peeling Maske entfernt Hornhaut Your feet will start to peel after about 5-7 days
Zarte, gepflegte, schöne Füße durch die Summer Foot Fußmaske After 7-10 days you will have soft feet and skin

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"Super Baby Skin Effect"

l'm definitely gonna use Summerfoot again. I'm really glad to have discovered the masks 🙂 I especially like the fact that all ingredients are natural and it smells sooo good!

@nancy.xvi / Instagram


...my peeling process already started after 4 days. Super easy to use! Wore my foot masks comfortably while watching tv

@__k.i.m.i__91 / Instagram


Summer Foot - Ergebnisse vorher nachher
Summer Foot - Ergebnisse vorher nachher


The lotion in the masks works on your feet and dries their skin over the next couple of days. If the skin starts to look wrinkly and dry, the process is starting and working correctly. So don’t worry, that is completely normal and won’t hurt a bit. In fact, after about 5-7 days after applying the masks, the dry skin will start to peel off easily and without resistance or pain. What you’ll be left with is the skin underneath, which will be velvety smooth and silky soft. After another week your dry skin will be completely gone and your feet will look and feel clean and soft. That is the Summer Foot effect!

Ausgewählte Inhaltsstoffe Our selected ingredients contain, among others, urea and cucumber extract for a natural treatment of the feet. In addition, we refrain from using aggressive acids, such as salicylic acid.
Zufriedenheits Garantie We from Summer Foot promise the highest quality and live by the motto “The customer is always right”. That is why we offer a satisfaction guarantee to all our customers, since their happiness and delight has the highest priority for us.
Derma Test „Sehr gut“ The company “Dermatest” describe their quality seals as followed: “The original DERMATEST quality seal is a guarantor for reproducibility of test procedures and for the safety of consuming and manufacturing. Products that have received this quality seal keep the promise of a proved and validated quality.
Keine Tierversuche Our masks are not tested on animals, which we care a lot about. No animal should suffer for our product – a promise that we will always keep.


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